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Our mission is to provide high quality software services that best support our clients’ business processes. Since 1999 we have developed a number of mission critical systems in the fields of telecommunication, banking and finance, logistics and public sector.

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Our values

  • Quality
  • Professionality
  • Agility


BPW Consulting offers a full range of services for the entire cycle of software development

Business process mapping and analysis

Process mapping is a technique that helps represent processes of an enterprise so that the processes may by analysed and improved. Process analysis finds the bottlenecks and problems related to each process and offers possible solutions how to redesign processes to meet business needs more efficiently. The Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN) and Unified Modeling Language (UML) standards are used for process modelling.

System analysis and design

System analysis specifies detailed software requirements. Design stage creates a vision of the software solution and architecture. Use Case models and UI prototypes help to describe functionality of the software, class models, component model defines the system architecture, lists of non-functional requirements specifies all important aspects of the solution. UML standard is used for system analysis and design.


During the implementation phase, system modules are built according to specified requirements and architecture. Important parts of code are covered by automatic tests, all critical errors are removed.

Customer support and maintenance

Maintenance and custom support provides flawless operation, incident management and timely update of delivered software.


Our methodology is based on the principles of TOGAF and agile development.

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Products and solutions


IRIS is a incident and risk management solution.

  • Enables to outline, manage and assess the risks of a business field
  • Register and classify different incidents that occurred in the field (power cuts, security incidents, communications outages)
  • Document the solving of the problem and connect risks to occurred incidents

In addition IRIS has a reporting module that enables detailed analyses of incidents and risks from all aspects.

IRIS is available as subscription-base service, therefore the client does not have to worry about maintenance, hosting nor security.

To get more information about the product, contact us: info@bpw-consulting.com


EDHS is a document management system based on Share Point solution, that is designed considering primarily the needs of Estonian public sector, but can be easily used in other fields.

  • Supports Estonian Digital signature and digital stamp
  • Has the interface of Estonian Document Exchange Centre (DEC)
  • Easily integretable with other information systems – ERP or finance solutions, calendar, work-planning solution etc.

  • EDHS has a powerful search engine, so you can find the needed document easily and quickly by either metadata or full text search.
  • Workflow engine enables to automatize the work-processes of approval and signing. All workflows are configurable that provides necessary flexibility.
  • Flexible users’ rights management enables to give rights by classification scheme or by single documents.
  • Linked to calendar and work-planning systems
To get more information about the product, contact us: info@bpw-consulting.com

Enterprise Architect

As a partner of modelling software Enterprise Architect we carry out trainings for users and provide EA licences.

Enterprise Architect is powerful modeling tool with high end capabilities and a rich set of features to help manage information and innovate in today's complex and demanding environment.

Enterprise Architect covers all the steps of software development and provides support for all of them from creating a software requirements specification to systems integration, testing and version control.

Enterprise Architect training
Goal of the training:

Introducing ways of using Enterprise Architect for creating software requirements specification and carrying out an IT-project.

Target audience:

Specialists on customer side of IT development project, business analysts and systems analysts.

During the training you will learn how to compose different UML models, generate documentation based on the models and combine different aspects to a complete software requirements specification (SRS). In addition we will give useful tips to help you use the product more efficiently.

To get more information about buying the product and trainings, contact us: ea@bpw-consulting.com

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